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All Regal Bengals-THE Domestic Cat With LEOPARD SPOTS

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About Bengals

The Asian Leopard has a wonderful spotted pelt which is prized for its beauty by trappers still today. The cat weighs about 10 pounds and lives in the forests of Southern Asia, India, China, Korea, the Soviet Far East, Taiwan, Phillipines, Borneo, Java, Bali, and Sumatra. This nocturnal species preys on squirrels, birds, and other small prey. They spend much of their time climbing in trees and have an unusual love of water. The Asian Leopard cat is genetically compatible with the domestic cat, and therefore, is one of the few wild cats that can produce offspring with domestic cats.

In 1963, Jean Sugden produced the first litter from a mating of a female Asian Leopard and a short-haired, black domestic male. These early breedings were stopped when Jean's husband died.
In the late 1970's, Jean Sugden Mill received some female F1 offspring from the matings of a male Asian Leopard Cat and various domestic queens from Dr. Centerwall,a research geneticist.
In 1983, Jean registered the first cats, and in 1985, an F2 Bengal was first exhibited in a cat show.
The Bengals are classified according to the generation from the Asian Leopard Cat. F1's have an Asian Leopard parent. F2's are the second generation from the Asian Leopard, etc. SBT's(Stud Book Tradition) are at least fourth generation and can participate in TICA cat shows.

The f1 picture is courtesy of Mike and Marie Bloodgood of Bamboo Bengals, and the f2 picture is courtesy of Les Hall of Junglebook Bengals. Thank you both for the photos!


This is an F1-Bundas First Lady of Bamboo.


Pictured above is Junglebook's F2 Katchina.



A picture of the wild looking F3 female-Junglebook Charm of All Regal Bengals.

The accepted Bengal colors are brown tabby, seal lynx point tabby, seal sepia or seal mink tabby. Patterns can be either leopard spotted or marbled. The spotted pattern can be either aligned horizontally or randomly spotted. Rosettes are highly favorable and can range from arrowhead, paw print to circular. Even though the marble pattern originated from the tabby gene, marbled Bengals should not have the tabby's bull's eye but a horizontally aligned pattern with preference given to marbles that are three or more colors.A chain link pattern is highly desirable in marbles and is given high marks in the show ring.

Bengal Personality
These cats are quite active, agile, very curious, playful, and loving. Bengals are quite the acrobats chasing,running, performing high leaps, doing flips in hot pursuit of whatever they are playing with. These stunts are more entertaining than much on TV today. They love to climb, and some have been known to love to play in the water jumping right in the tub or shower with you while others like to play fetch. These felines have also been known to open cabinets and drawers. Some of these cats have kept the instinct to place their paw in the water attempting to "clear the water" before they drink which is what the Asian Leopard cats do in the wild.

All Regal Bengals-THE Domestic Cat With LEOPARD SPOTS

Queens-Page 1

Available Kittens and Retired Adults


SPECIAL THANKS TO JEAN MILLS for providing me with accurate Bengal history!